BeWeather for Android

First purchase the PRO version of the Beweather app here.

After downloading and installing the app please check if the folder where all the Beweather sets and the custom fonts you want to use it with was automatically made by the app. If not make the folder yourself, name it BeWeather and place it with an Explorer app under storage/sdcard0/BeWeather (sdcard0 is the local storage). 

When looking at the My files folder on your Samsung it's called Local storage/Device storage/BeWeather. 

Before you add a widget to your screen it is most important to add a couple Beweather sets to the BeWeather folder. Most people who forget to do so have a hard time getting this app to work! 
Now it`s time to close this part off and add a new page to your homescreen.

Longpress the screen and choose System Widget. 

Then choose BeWeather. 

The first time you start this procedure the app will take you to it`s settings asking you to add your location and set up your preferences. When you`re finished return to the empty page on the homescreen and longpress the screen again. 

Longpress the screen and choose System Widget.

Choose a size. I prefer the 4x2 one because it shows the largest icon. 

After choosing the widget size you need to set up a few preferences like the widget type, color text, clock color text, and background color. 

And we`re done. Enjoy the extra cuteness on your phone! 

(Used in previews are Hologram Unicorn GoLauncher theme by Gabbell iPhonemizee and matching Beweather set by me).